Hello, and welcome! We're back with another special, pre-recorded episode of The Nerd Stash Show (not)LIVE! Since we don't know what news is happening this week, at the time of recording, we decided to look into our crystal balls and predict the year that is 2020 in gaming. Just like our Game Awards 2019 episode, we decided to attach a bet to this one.

Join Brandon Stephenson and Taylor Cole as they gather up 10 predictions for the upcoming year. Who this the bet? Tune in to this episode, and then make sure to listen to our results show sometime in January 2021. Yes, this one is a long game bet.

You can (normally) catch us live each Friday at 9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern for an hour and a half as we break down a week's worth of nerdy news. The episode will be available for on-demand services every Monday morning! Stop by, hang out, don't be afraid to ask us a question!

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