Hello, and welcome to 2020! It's the start of a new year, and we hope you had a wonderful holiday and a safe and fun New Year party. As you might have noticed, we took a break from our usual live format, but we didn't want to go too long without having episodes for you to listen to. So, we took some extra time before the break to record two special episodes of the show.

This week's show is a fun one, as Taylor and Brandon discuss their most anticipated t.v. shows, movies, and games scheduled to come out in 2020! You might be surprised to hear what makes each list.

As a reminder, we'll have one more special episode for you next week before taking a one week break. Starting January 24th, we'll be back to our usual live format and weekly news recap!

You can (normally) catch us live each Friday at 9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern for an hour and a half as we break down a week's worth of nerdy news. The episode will be available for on-demand services every Monday morning! Stop by, hang out, don't be afraid to ask us a question!

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