Hello, and welcome! Christmas has passed and the year is nearly over. That also means the decade is almost over! So, we decided to bring you a special episode of The Nerd Stash Show LIVE! as we discuss the best games of the previous decade.

This is going to work somewhat like a draft. Every year, we’re going to pick three games that defined that year and tell you why they deserve to be in this spot. Starting with 2010, Brandon gets two games to pick, while Taylor gets one pick. In 2011, we flip that and Taylor gets two picks and Brandon gets one. We alternate each year until we get a complete list and choose which game we think deserves the top spot.

Oh, and Taylor is hosting this one since he won the Game Awards prediction show. Listen to episodes seven and eight if you haven't listened yet.

You can catch us live each Friday at 9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern for an hour and a half as we break down a week's worth of nerdy news. The episode will be available for on-demand services every Monday morning! Stop by, hang out, don't be afraid to ask us a question!

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